1939 Rickenbacher Model B. Bakelite body and neck, white plastic body plates, the famed 1 1/2" horseshoe pickup, open-backed tuners with plastic buttons. Quite the finest example of a pre-war Model B I have ever seen. One tiny crack in one plastic plate at the screw hole and a nearly invisible repair to the neck by the Rickenbacher repair master - Piers Crocker, otherwise almost perfect, almost unplayed N.O.S. condition and 100% original. The tweed case with a couple of marks but overall in fine original condition. Definitely one for the collector. The tuner buttons are typically shrunken but still hanging in there and useable - I'll throw in a replacement new plastic set for possible future fitting. Even better in the flesh than in the pictures, this baby looks like it has spent the last 72 years in the cupboard. Works perfectly and a killer tone from the 1 1/2" horseshoe pickup. As good as it gets.

$2,595 Sold

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