The Ace Phaser is based on the original MXR Phase 90. An improved and upgraded development from that original design, the Ace Phaser has three controls to shape your sound.
Level - which controls the effect volume overcoming the volume boost or cut issue common to Phase 90 style pedals and allowing you to dial in unity gain.
Phase - which controls the speed of the 4 stage phase.
Depth - a further enhancement to shape the intensity and tone of your Phaser.

A lush, warm, classic all analog phaser with added flexibility and tonal enhancements. True bypass, best quality components and entirely hand built in the U.S.A. by Chad Matthews of CMAT Mods in a small run commissioned by Ace Guitars.


True bypass
Neutrik Jacks
Davies knobs
Alpha pots
Military grade circuit board
Military grade wire
4 Stage Phase
Runs on 9v battery or adapter (standard Boss type center pin negative).
All analog


Here's the link to Brett Kingman's great demo and revue


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