The Analog Chorus is a small box two knob chorus pedal using the long discontinued BBD MN3007 & MN3101 analog chips. This chorus nails that classic analog sound typical of the best vintage analog chorus pedals.

It has controls for rate and depth. This is the same basic circuit as the water box, but in a smaller case and is perfect for the player who doesn't need all of the features of the water box and would like it in a smaller case.

The Analog Chorus has a nice deep lush sound and the rate control has plenty of room to get the fast chorus that some players like, or you can back it down low for a slow rate and every where in between.

BBD MN3007, MN3101 analog chips
True bypass
Alpha pots
1% metal film resistors, High quality caps
Neutrik jacks
Operates on 9v batery or 9v adapter
Military grade circuit board
Military grade wire
Size 4.78" x 2.61" x 1.4

Sold out


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