Custom Built '62 Stratocaster Style Relic. Full relic Fiesta red nitro finish alder body, slab rosewood fretboard maple neck with a vintage full 'C' profile and 7.25" radius in relic nitro finish, Brierley hand wound '62 Stratocaster relic pickups with a RWRP middle for hum cancelling in the 2 & 4 positions, '62 vintage tremolo with an authentic vintage spec. steel block, CTS pots, CRL 5 way, cloth wire, Gotoh 'Kluson' tuners. Nice weight at 7 lbs. 10 oz. Here we have a really tasty custom built relic '62 Strat knock-off. Authentic vintage specs. right down to the correct tooling dowels and nail holes in the body, superb relic nitro finishes, and all the top of the range '62 clone parts in the hardware dept. including Montreux Time Machine relic '62 pickguard and knobs. Killer looks and it plays as well as it looks. Great vintage strat tones from the Brierley hand wounds. Comes with the tremolo arm in a new G&G '62 vintage style brown tolex case with gold lining. A mighty fine guitar.


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