A 4 knob preamp/overdrive pedal for guitar, custom built in Japan.

The Knobs & Switch :

Hi.D - Shapes the high frequencies and harmonics

Lo.D - Shapes the mid & low frequencies and overall sound presence

Tone - General low pass filter tone control

Volume - Output volume

Toggle Switch - Fat switch

There's also an internal volume trim control if you want to play with it.

This is not, like so many pedals, yet another variation on the good ol' tubescreamer. This baby has it's own unique voice. Richer and darker tones, killer crunch - the response from everyone who's tried it out has been 'I want one of these'. If you cannot find a sound on this that you don't want to live without, you just aren't trying.

High quality Japanese manufacture, small run custom production and great tones.


Here's a demo sample from 'Shifty Russ" : Hydra demo

Input Impedance : 511k ohms
Output Impedance : 1k ohms
Maximum output level : +6dBu
Control : Hi.D / High frequency Gain
Lo.D / All frequency Gain
Tone / Low Pass Filter
Vol. / Out Put Volume
Fat switch
Indicator : Effect LED
Residual Noise : -110dBu (Input shorted, IHF-A weighted)
Internal circuit voltage : Stabilized ±9V DC to DC Converter
Power Supply : 6F22 9V manganese dry cell battery x 1
or AC adaptor/Center Negative
Power Consumption : 5mA/9V
Dimensions : 112mm(D)*80mm(W)*49mm(H)
Weight : 360g (including battery)
Features : True Bypass circuit, Blue LED

Here's some MP3 sound bites compliments of Montreux Guitars in Japan.

Hydra Crunch

Hydra Crunch Fat Switch On

Hydra Gain Up

Hydra Gain Up Fat Switch On

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