The first in Rockett's Signature Series. The JSDT was designed to achieve the old school tremolo sound of some of Leo Fender's early amps. Features two identical trems, both with variable speeds and intensities, and a volume boost. Set one fast the other slow, or vary the intensity and toggle back and forth between them. A killer trem designed as a collaborative effort between Josh Smith, Rockett Pedals and Tim Jauernig.



ON/OFF FOOTSWITCH - is to engage or true bypass the trem completely.

L/R FOOTSWITCH - allows you to toggle between two completely independent trems and settings.

BOOST CONTROL - is a global level control effecting both trems simultaneously. The purpose is to compensate for volume loss typical of most trems. If you reduce depth on either side of the trem it can act as a clean boost as well.

RATE & DEPTH CONTROLS - are independent for each channel. This allows you to effectively have two separate trems in one. The typical use is to set one fast and one slow but this pedal allows you to alter the depth for each as well.

LIGHTS - There are rate lights that constantly flash for each side of the trem letting the user know what the current speed is visually. A second LED will light up indicating which side of the trem is in use. The bypass light will illuminate when the pedal is engaged.

POWER - All Rockett Pedals operate off of the standard BOSS type 9v adapter or a single 9v battery. The power input is a 5.5 mm x 2.1 mm jack wit the positive voltage on the outer sleeve. Using an external power supply will disconnect the battery. Disconnect the input jack to preserve battery life when not in use or when not used with an appropriate external power supply.

NOTE : Internally you will notice a small trimpot. Under no circumstances should that be touched/adjusted or it will knock the pedal out of bias and will not work!!!!!!!

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