The Montreux "Knebworth" is the ultimate distortion/ boost pedal. The left side is simulated Marshall distortion. You can choose various distortion modes from Plexi to JCM-2000 and change sounds with a mini toggle switch. The normal mode is a EL34 tube style high gain sound and the modified mode is a 6550 tube mode, with different harmonics and a more open sound.
The right side is an original design 20db boost. This boost does not affect the distortion circuit operation in any way, it works in conjunction with the distortion, but the boost can also be used independently when the distortion is off.


TL072 Chip
Heavy Duty Aluminum Enclosure
Davies knobs
Switchcraft jacks
Alpha pots
1% Metal Film Resistors
Blue and White LED
EH 3DPT true bypass switch
Military grade double sided circuit board
Military grade wiring
Double sided PCB with plated holes
Hand picked and matched parts for tone and durability
Works on a 9V Battery or Adapter
Handbuit in U.S.A.

Montreux market this pedal in Japan as a 'Marshall' in a box for use with solid state amps, and whilst we don't have any solid state amps to try it with, I'm sure it delivers the goods as a great high gain valve amp sound with those amps.

We have only tried it on vintage and custom built valve amps, and it sounds unbelievably good with quality valve gear. This is a killer distortion and boost. One of the best rock pedals on the market.


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Here's a demo video :