Lehua Lap Steel. A rare and exotic bird we have here. A search of the lap steel references and the internet has turned up absolutely zilch on Lehua steel guitars. Built in the early post war period, maybe late '40's to early '50's. Features a blue lucite top over a timber frame, red and clear lucite tail, bridge, nut, tuner buttons and control knobs, lucite raised fretboard with multi coloured position markers, blue lucite pickup cover. Your thinking ... pretty tasty. It gets even better - this baby lights up as well. Two 110v. globes, one at each end under the fretboard in the body cavity, with it's original plug-in power lead, and the extra control knob is the on/off switch for the concealed lighting. As for condition, there are a few minor marks to the lucite, and the cloth covering on the underside is a little stained and worn. It's just had a service by Piers Crocker, with a new set of Gotoh Klusons fitted. All controls are working well, and excellent output and tone from the pickup. Comes in the original hardcase, though the case is falling apart and needs some serious work with glue and clamps to get it back together. O.K., the power input for the lights is 110v. mains power, so it's not recommended for use at poolside parties or the like. Lucite and lights - probably the coolest lap steel we'll ever offer.


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