Late 1930's PremierVox Electro (Model B) Spanish Neck. The rare 'export' model of the Rickenbacher Electro Model B Spanish, available prior to the war in England and her colonies. Assembled in England from Rickenbacher supplied bakelite body, neck and chromed body parts, it has English pots with hexagonal bakelite knobs, a slightly variant English wound Rickenbacher 1 1/2 in. horseshoe pickup, three-on-a-plate Grover tuners and PremierVox metal logo on headstock. The original hardcase which appears to be a typical period Rickenbacher also has English fittings. This example has a comparatively recent replacement volume pot, and the original hard-wired output cable has sometime been replaced with a standard 1/4in. jack fitting - other than that all original. Some very light surface rubbing to the chrome, and a couple of minute marks in the edge of the headstock, but overall in excellent condition. As with all of these bakelite spanish necks, the neck slightly bowed due to the lack of a truss rod or other reinforcement. It would appear that this bowing was already apparent at the time of assembly as it is fitted with the higher 'steel guitar' bridge as standard equipment.The originally supplied chrome metal nut extension is in the case if you wish to change it to full Hawaiian set-up. The case cloth rather worn, and split around the edges, with the leather attachment strap for the handle replaced, but the case is in serviceable condition. A rare 'Rickenbacher' in excellent condition.


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