All prices are net in Australian dollars. Our guitars are priced fairly, and without any fat to allow for negotiation, so if your expecting a 'deal' or 'best price' below that listed, you will be disappointed. If we do want to clear an item at a lower price, it will be discounted on the site, so everyone has the same opportunity.



Preferred method of payment is an online transfer (or counter pay in) direct to our Commonwealth or Bendigo Bank accounts. It's fast, and your purchase will ship quickly.

We are happy to take cheques or money orders - if you don't mind the delay in shipping.

On small items sent through the post within Australia and under $1000, we are happy to send by C.O.D.

We don't accept credit cards. We do accept payment through Paypal, though all such payments may be subject to a 2.5% levy to cover the extra Paypal costs, and we only take Paypal for smaller items -not on guitars and high value items.



For small items we use Australia Post Express satchel or normal parcel services.

For international shipments we use Post Office Express Courier International as the preferred method of shipping. It's fast, trackable and signature delivery and not wildly expensive.



New effects pedals, are all subject to a full 12 month manufacturer's warranty. These must be returned to us, for any warranty claim.

All other items are offered and sold as secondhand, and no manufacturer's or other extended warranty applies or is implied.

We are not in the business of selling anyone a guitar (or anything else) that they don't want. If you are not 100% happy with your purchase upon receipt, send it straight back to us for an immediate and full refund of the purchase price of the item upon receipt of the return.

Our refund offer does not cover shipping charges.


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