The DGTM is not your typical overdrive. Inspired by the savage auditory pummeling of Greg Koch, and some delicious tone factions straight from Brian Wampler (, the DGTM brings forth a distinctive overdrive that will satisfy many an overdrive connoisseur's palate. From vintage crunch to modern "tweak", it's all in there.


GRISTLE - Dial in the amount of tasty saturation required.

TONE - Adjust the edges of your tone from smooth to crispy here.

GRAVY - Pour on the Gravy. Adjust the volume of your signal here.

TOGGLE : Toggle to the right for a vintage voiced crunchy helping of the sonic main course. Toggle to the left for a more compressed gain wrought onslaught.

Features : Hand Built, True Bypass, Baked Enamel Finish, Battery or External Power. Brand new in box with instructions sheet. Full one year manufacturer's warranty.

A killer custom built overdrive that will have you ditching your Fulltones and Tube Screamers.The rights to this design have been sold to T-Rex of Denmark, so this is the last chance to get the hand built original from the U.S.A. - and at a better price than the mass produced version as well.


Reviewed by Guitar Player Magazine, July 2005. Read the review

MP3 samples :

Here's Greg Koch's DGTM Samples : Left Toggle Right Toggle

These MP3 samples were produced by GK with the DGTM using a Fender American Deluxe Strat, the new Bill Lawrence SC Pickups and a Fender Custom Vibrolux amp. He had the Gristle on about 3 o'clock, Tone at 2 o'clock and the Gravy at about 1 o'clock. Both snippets start out with just the amp with the Volume on about 3 and a half in the Normal Channel with the Treble on about 1 o'clock and the Bass at about 3 o'clock and then he kicks the pedal on. He did these real fast with no other outboard effects or EQ engaged and with only an SM 57 on the amp.

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