The Gristle King is a combination of the features of the DGTM and the Luxury Drive offering a wide variety of boost and overdrive possibilities. The Gristle, Tone, Gravy and Flavour controls as per the DGTM, the More control as per the chicken head on the Luxury Drive, plus two new toggles. The Phat switch when toggled to the right gives you an increase in the low end response of the overdrive effect. The Pre/Post switch places the boost either before or after your overdrive. Use the Pre setting to boost the level of gain, use the Post setting to boost the volume of the signal. The separate footswitches allow you to use either effect, or both together each with it's own indicator light.

The Gristle King gives you both effects, plus extra tonal possibilities, in one compact unit at a substantial cost saving.

Features : Hand Built, True Bypass, Baked Enamel Finish, Battery or External Power. Brand new in box with instructions sheet. Full one year manufacturer's warranty.

A killer pedal.


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