This is not your average tremolo. The Luxury Twin-Rate Tremolo is a true bypass, foot switching dual speed tremolo. There are two independent rate controls that the user can select. This enables both a slow and fast speed setting from one unit. Each speed control has its own individual range, with the second being capable of faster rates than the first when set to the highest settings. There is also a rate indicator LED for a visual representation of the selected rate setting. A green LED indicates when the second rate control is active. A volume control allows the user to adjust the volume of the effect. No drop in volume here like so many amp tremolos. A depth control lets the user adjust from subtle to deep tremolo effects. And, best of all, it does not alter your tone!

Features : Completely Hand Built, right down to the decal! Baked Enamel Finish. Through Hole plated hand soldered circuit board. True Bypass. Battery, or External 9VDC powered (standard center pin negative). Volume, Depth, Rate 1, and Rate 2 controls. Rate Indication. Brand new in box with instructions sheet.

The very last of the hand built originals from the U.S.A.

Was $275 On Sale Reduced to $195

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