Fender Twin Reverb Amplifier.

Silverface, c.1976 (push-pull master volume), 100w. output into a pair of 12 in. JBL D120F's. O.K., so you have the telecaster, and you hanker after that James Burton sound, or you're a collector and need the killer example of the JBL loaded Twin. This is the amp. Quite the cleanest example you could hope to find. It has a few inconsequential surface scratches on the faceplate (mainly around the jack input) and a couple of not really even worth mentioning marks on the tolex, but an easy high 9's collector example. Imported from the U.S. of A., then a custom built 240v. power transformer fitted (looks like an original, but a better specification), matched 6L6WXT Sovtek power valves fitted and biased, 3 new 12AX7's, 4 resistors and one cap replaced, and a new power lead and plug fitted. Aside from the above, plus a couple of caps earlier replaced, all original. Sounds excellent - our tester had to be dragged away from it after treating the neighbours to a tele medley for a couple of hours. Comes with the original footswitch and a non-original dustcover. Not an inexpensive road warrior, but hey, you could spend more on a modern reissue and not get anything you would want. JBL loaded Twins are scarce, particularly here in Australia, and near impossible to find in such great condition.


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