"This is the same circuit and tone many have grown to love from the Mini Z combo. We have added a built in attenuator! You can turn it up to get maximum output tube distortion and dial it back to apartment dweller approved levels…tons of singing sustain that you can talk over. The Mini Z will also shine on smaller gigs where volume is a concern. The Mini has dedicated 8 and 4 ohm outs for different speaker cab applications. Put on top of your favorite cab and go for it. A single EL84, a single 12AX7, 5 watts down to under 1 watt…it’s very easy to like the Mini Z.

Clean headroom? Well, this amp wasn't built to give you much of that, but cleaner tones can be achieved by rolling back the guitar volume. But, if you're like the rest of us, that'll last about 30 seconds and then you'll have the guitar on 10 and be wailing away again..."

Specifications :

Power Output: 5 watts
Output Tube: 1 - EL84
Preamp Tube: 1 - GT-12AX7M
Controls: Volume, built-in attenuator
Configurations: Head

This one built in 2008 and factory ordered with 240v. power for Australia. Barely used - it never left the lounge room, so super clean near new condition.

$975 Sold

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